One Miler – Canada Day 2008


Some say that the mile is the classic test in track and field. It combines speed and stamina. It has a legendary history. On May 6, 1954, at Oxford University a British medical student, the now famous Sir Roger Bannister, became the first human in history to break the 4 minute barrier in a time of 3:59:4. Until then, many experts believed that such a feat was physiologically impossible. Since that time, over a 1,000 runners have completed the mile in under four minutes. The world record is 3:43.


There were 21 participants in Athletics Yukon's Intersport Canada Day 1 Miler. It was held on the ''riverwall'' portion of the Millennium Trail starting near the Robert Service Campground and finishing near the SS Klondike. Nobody challenged the 4 minute mark, but there were still some very impressive performances. The fastest woman, Melissa O'Brien, flew across the finish line in a time of 5:46. O'Brien was followed by two recent graduates of Vanier Catholic Secondary School, Mascha Schelten (6:16) and Coralie Ullyett (7:11). Fourth place went to Margie Gordon (7:53) and fifth place belonged to Mary McBride (8:54).


The ever modest Rodney Hulstein might have been aiming for the course record. With a first place time of 4:28 he came close to the course record (4:19) and to the world female mile record (4:12). The deceptively speedy Scott Westberg finished in 2nd place (4:56). Thirty seconds behind Westberg were four runners who jockeyed for position during the first half of the race: Dwayne Shewfelt (5:23), Chris Hogan (5:27), Tom Ullyett (5:32) and Ian Moore (5:32). It should also be noted that there were four Cozens in the race, Mike Cozens and his three young sons Dylan, Connor and Luke.


Here's the complete results:


Runners –Male Walker

Rodney Hulstein 4:28 Tanya Astika 10:33

Scott Westberg 4:56

Dwayne Shewfelt 5:23

Chris Hogan 5:27

Tom Ullyett 5:32

Ian Moore 5:32

Thomas Dodge 5:50

Keith Gordon 6:04

Eric Gronke 6:35

Mike Cozens 8:54

Dylan Cozens 9:26

Connor Cozens 12:20


Runners - Female

Melissa O'Brien 5:46

Mascha Schelten 6:16

Coralie Ullyett 7:11

Margie Gordon 7:53

Mary McBride 8:54

Tessa Moore 12:34

Sue Bogle & Luke Cozens 12:43

Yoland Vachon 13:01