Event Details


Trails: Payback, SFD and Girlfriend

Start/Finish: Payback Trailhead (about 500 meters past the 2nd pullout on Grey Mtn Road.)   It is suggested you park at the parking lot and run up to the trail head

Important note: THIS IS A OUT AND BACK RUN,

Follow the flags

COVID-19 Waiver

If you have not do so before you must sign our COVID-19 Waiver to participate.
For non AY Members you can fill out this form: https://athleticsyukon.ca/covid-19-waiver/
For AY Members you would have filled this out as part of your Trackie signup.

Register using the Strava link here: https://www.strava.com/clubs/643893/group_events/783919

Please respect social distancing rules!

This is a wilderness run so a few rules apply:

  • No earbuds
  • Follow flags and stay on trails
  • Advised to carry cell phone
  • Events are self-timed and at your own risk
  • Carrying bear spray and whistle may be appropriate
  • Suggested you run with a buddy (2 meters apart)