What is the Ironwomen Run Club? 

Athletics Yukon, in partnership with Workers’ Safety and Compensation Board (WSCB), offers a free female and non-binary running club, called the Ironwomen Run Club. We host free after-school programs for grades 3 and 4 and for grades 5 to 7. There are 2 offerings throughout the school year: fall, and winter/spring. There is also a spring break camp and 2 summer camps, at a reasonable cost.  

The runners can expect a safe and respectful environment. Our goal is to help them gain self-confidence and learn positive mental health practices to support them in their daily lives; while learning to run and stay active.  

The adult senior coaches have a background in education and significant running experience. The junior coaches are high school students who have previously participated in the Ironwomen program.

In nice weather, the session will start with a warm-up stretch and a run/walk.  When the weather is not agreeable (too cold or rainy) we stretch, do a short strength training session and play active games that feature running. At the end of each session, we share a provided group snack and discussion.

During the group chat, we discuss ways to support our mental health such as positive self-talk, sleep hygiene tips, and incorporating movement into our everyday lives.

How to register:

1. Become a member of Athletics Yukon. The fee to become an AY member is covered by WCB; email Kelli Anderson at [email protected] for a promo code.

2. Registration for the 2024 winter/spring session opens in Nov/Dec. Full details and registration can be found here: link coming soon.