What is the Ironwomen Run Club? 

Athletics Yukon, in partnership with Workers’ Safety and Compensation Board (WSCB), offers a free female and non-binary running club, called the Ironwomen Run Club. We host free after-school programs for grades 3 and 4 and for grades 5 to 7. There are 2 offerings throughout the school year: fall, and winter/spring. There is also a spring break camp and 2 summer camps, at a reasonable cost.  

The runners can expect a safe and respectful environment. Our goal is to help them gain self-confidence and learn positive mental health practices to support them in their daily lives; while learning to run and stay active.  

The adult senior coaches have a background in education and significant running experience. The junior coaches are high school students who have previously participated in the Ironwomen program.

In nice weather, the session will start with a warm-up stretch and a run/walk.  When the weather is not agreeable (too cold or rainy) we stretch, do a short strength training session and play active games that feature running. At the end of each session, we share a provided group snack and discussion.

During the group chat, we discuss ways to support our mental health such as positive self-talk, sleep hygiene tips, and incorporating movement into our everyday lives.

The goal is to build psychological resiliency through education and self-esteem development and prevent psychological injury at an early age. The program aims to equip youth with resiliency— so that if an injury does take place, recovery is swift. In the larger context, the running club helps build injury-prevention practices in Yukon workplaces and society as a whole.

How to register:

1. Become a member of Athletics Yukon by following this link.

The fee to become an AY member is covered by WCB; email Kelli Anderson at [email protected] for a promo code.

2. Chose which program you would like to register for.

After school program registration: Ironwomen Junior and Ironwomen Senior.

Spring Break camp is currently full.

Summer Camp registration coming soon.