Athletics Yukon has members of all ages and from all walks of life who enjoy participating in races, running on relay teams, organizing events, helping as a volunteers, and improving their skills at clinics and training sessions. We are athletes of all abilities so there is always someone at around your speed to support you, encourage you and push you to do your best.

There are a number of benefits which Athletic Yukon members enjoy:

Free entry to AY Events

AY members do not have to pay entry fees to any AY event and do not need to sign a waiver each time that they participate.

Affiliate Memberships

When you sign up to be a member of Athletics Yukon, you automatically become a member of the following running organizations in Whitehorse: Boreal Adventure Running Organization which hosts the Yukon River Trail Marathon and Long Lake Triathlon; Mount Lorne Mis-Adventure Race; and Run Dawson which hosts the Gold Poke Run, the Dome Race, and the Discovery Day Race.