Event Details

The newest and best downhill run in the Yukon. If you thought you couldn’t run 10 miles, or if you want to run your fastest 16km ever, and if you enjoy a casual fun run or walk once in a while, this might be the event for you.

There are no pries (except for one mystery prize) and there are no official timers, except for your watch. And best of all, there are no hills to climb, just a gentle slope to Nirvana, in this case, the Yukon River.

Next year this run may cost $10 but this year there’s a $10 discount so it’s FREE!

Please meet on the West Side of the river, near the George Black Ferry at 11:30 am on Sunday July 25. There will be a bus to take you to the starting line, 16 kms up with road. There’ll be a water station 5 miles into the run. Don’t worry, there is a relaxed run and gravity will bring you back to the ferry.

Run/walk starts at NOON @ km 16.