How To Get Your Results Listed

Athletics Yukon Sanctioned Events Only

  • Email them to us OR tell us where they’re posted on the web.
  • You must include the official EVENT NAME, LOCATION (city/town/community), and DATE in the body of the message, for results to be correctly posted here.
  • Only results from Athletics Yukon sanctioned events will be linked or posted here.
  • If any of the results links are broken (files moved), please tell us, and provide the new link!
  • We make every effort to post results within 2 days of receiving via email.
  • File Format for emailed results:
    • Plain text: is always safe, works if you’re PC or Mac-based. Save as a .TXT file or paste unformatted text into the body of the email.
    • Excel: results only, no extra pages or columns of data, no macros or references to other documents.
    • MS Word: minimal formatting, font Arial/Helvetica or Courier 10pt, little or no graphics (small files only), no underlining (this is reserved for hyperlinks)
    • PDF: keep file size small by using universal fonts such as Arial or Helvetica or Times New Roman, little or no graphics.